Understanding Accident Benefit Applications

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      Accident Benefits

      Understanding Accident Benefit Applications

      Understanding Accident Benefit Applications

      Timelines are strict after an accident, so it’s important that you understand what you need to do to make sure you meet all of your deadlines. A large part of this application consists of forms you’ll need to quickly complete with your Accident Benefits Lawyer.

      Below, you’ll learn which forms you’ll need to complete and the types of information required.

      Application for Accident Benefits (OCF-1)

      The first and most general form you’ll complete after your accident is the Application for Accident Benefits. After you receive it by mail, you have 30 days to complete it. If you miss this deadline, complete the form and send it to your insurance company with an attached statement about why the form was delayed.

      Employer’s Confirmation of Income (OCF-2)

      The OCF-2 is necessary if you’ll claim Income Replacement Benefits. To be eligible for these benefits, you must have been employed for 26 of the 52 weeks before your accident occurred. Your accident must also prevent you from returning to work for more than one week after the accident date to qualify.

      Permission to Disclose Health Information (OCF-5)

      Do not complete the OCF-5 or Permission to Disclose Health Information, which permits an insurance company to see your medical records, unless your claim adjuster asks you to. It’s also essential to ask which medical records the adjuster is requesting and the reasons for the request. Finally, clearly print on the form the dates of the doctor visits you are agreeing to disclose records for.

      Disability Certificate (OCF-3)

      If your accident has resulted in a disability that has been diagnosed by a medical professional, you will need to complete the OCF-3 or Disability Certificate. Work with your doctor and other health professionals (such as chiropractors, optometrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, etc.) to complete the form.

      Election of Income Replacement, Non-Earner, or Caregiver Benefit (OCF-10)

      Even though you may qualify for the Income Replacement Benefit, the Non-Earner Benefit, and the Caregiver Benefit, you can only apply for one of these. Ask your lawyer to help you understand which of these is best to apply for and make sure to submit the form within 30 days of receipt.

      Pre-approved Framework Treatment Confirmation Form (OCF-23)

      You do not need to complete the Pre-approved Framework Treatment Confirmation Form unless your insurance company directs you to. Only some categories of injuries require the form.

      Application for Expenses (OCF-6)

      Most people will need to complete the Application for Expenses because these benefits include medical or personal expenses your accident resulted in. Medications, physiotherapy, and any other treatments approved by your insurance company can be included. If you spend money on babysitters, housekeepers, transportation, or other services, this should also be included. You can also include personal items or clothing that were damaged because of your accident. You’ll need to submit receipts for these expenses when you submit the form, including those from babysitters or other non-professionals.

      Declaration of Post-Accident Income and Benefits (OCF-13)

      If you are able to work after your accident, but your injuries have prevented you from working at your regular job or for your usual number of hours, complete the Declaration of Post-Accident Income and Benefits. If you are eligible for disability benefits, you should still complete this form. It will help your insurer determine the amount of your Income Replacement Benefit.
      Application by an Injured Person

      The Application by an Injured Person should be completed if your insurance company is denying you a benefit you feel you are eligible for. You must complete this form, which will start dispute proceedings. Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll be assigned an adjudicator by the Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunal Ontario (SLASTO). If a settlement conference does not result in your preferred outcome, you can contact a lawyer to get help working with your insurer.

      Don’t forget to keep a copy of each form you submit, as well as copies of any materials you submit alongside it.

      Now that you know more about the forms you’ll need to complete after your accident, learn more by downloading our free personal injury recovery kit or book a free consultation with an accident benefits lawyer.

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