How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge?

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      Personal Injury

      How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge?

      How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge?

      Whether you’ve been injured in a slip or fall, a motorcycle accident, or by a defective product, if your injuries are serious you probably want to know how much personal injury lawyers charge. What will their hourly rate be if they charge one?

      How do legal and injury lawyer fees work and how much you can expect to pay for legal support?

      When to Consider a Lawyer

      We see it all the time, ‘how much does an accident lawyer cost?’ Probably the biggest factor in considering whether or not it will be worth it to you to pay the fees for a Personal Injury lawyer is the severity of your injuries. If you have very serious injuries after an accident, a lawyer can help you get a higher settlement from an insurance company, or help you file a lawsuit if coming to a settlement is difficult. In these cases, the personal injury lawyer’s cost could definitely be worth it.

      If your accident was minor and straightforward, waiting to see if you get a fair settlement from the insurer before hiring a lawyer can be a good plan. Most people who work with a lawyer receive higher settlements, so if this is important to you, it may be worth it to hire one.

      The Basics of Contingency Fees

      While some accident lawyers will ask you to pay a retainer upfront before they start working on your case, most personal injury lawyers’ cost is determined by charging you on a contingency basis. It is very rare for a personal injury lawyer to charge on an hourly basis, which is good news if you don’t have a lot of extra money.

      Contingency fees can be of huge benefit to the client because a lawyer who charges using this fee structure doesn’t take payment until the case is over. Even better, you must win your case in order for them to take anything.

      What percentage do lawyers take for personal injury cases? It depends on the lawyer and on the location, but contingency fees usually range from 25-40% of your net settlement, after expenses are taken out. Most lawyers charge around 33%.

      It’s also important to remember that contingency fees can be negotiable. If your case is particularly clear-cut, you shouldn’t hesitate to try to negotiate a lower contingency fee.

      Additional Fees

      Some law firms may cover additional fees like getting medical records, having subpoenas delivered, court fees, police report and medical record fees, and other document-related expenses. But most will charge you for these expenses as well as expert witness and reporter fees if they are applicable.

      What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge

      If you’ve been in an accident and are thinking about hiring a lawyer, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer for a consultation or download our personal injury recovery kit to get an overview of your legal rights and to answer any more questions you might have about injury lawyer fees.


      Content updated: Originally published Nov. 23, 2017

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