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      Long-Term Disability Claims Lawyer

      Remove the stress you and your family are experiencing due to a denial cut-off from long-term disability benefits by the insurance company.


      Long-Term Disability Benefits in Toronto

      Efficiently Fight Your Insurance Company

      Trying to handle a disability claim on your own is very difficult. You may find numerous roadblocks and denials. Insurance companies routinely deny claims when people do not have a reputable LTD lawyer. Don't fight this alone! Insurance companies know that the majority of their customers will not fight denied claims or when benefits being paid are terminated for no valid reason. You can choose to be part of the winning percentage that fights and receives benefits.

      Build a Winning Case

      Disability claims in Toronto can be extremely difficult to substantiate and Long Term Disability Claims (LTD) are the most onerous. You must prove your "total disability" to get your benefits and that is very difficult to do yourself. We build and prove your case. Building a winning case starts by our team immediately analyzing your situation in depth: medical aspect, employment aspect, assist you in obtaining medical documentation to prove your case, issuing legal proceedings and moving to get your case settled to your benefit.

      Get Best Level of Care

      When you are being denied or cut off your insurance policy's long term disability benefits, it is not only your monthly revenue that is impacted, but you also lose access to ongoing medical care that is absolutely vital for your recovery. Trying to go against your insurance company on your own will reduce your chances of getting access to the full range of benefits and care to which you are legally entitled. A seasoned long-term disability lawyer near Toronto who has handled claims for a large variety of disabilities and illnesses will know how to secure all the care you need.

      Leaders in Disability Law with Over 5000 Claims Settled

      How it Works and How We Work With You

      If you are rejected for long-term disability by an insurance company you have the opportunity to appeal the denial. This is a strategy that the insurance company employs to further delay the payment of benefits – it can go on for years. At Himelfarb Proszanski, we know most appeals are meaningless. It is crucial to have a Long-Term Disability Claims Lawyer in Ontario review your denial and formulate a response to force the insurance company to reverse the denial. We have a 97.5% success rate with disability claims because insurance companies know our reputation and don’t want to go up against us in court. We are able to settle the disability claim, in most cases, before examination for discovery and sometimes within a month of the denial.

      Timing Is Critical

      The insurance company will try to get you to quickly accept their settlement offer, or their denial. They do this in the hope that people simply walk away without the disability benefits that they rightly deserve. Never allow the insurance company to get the upper hand. You need to quickly involve the expertise and tested experience that only a highly experienced disability lawyer can bring to your situation before it is too late.

      What Your Long-Term Disability (LTD) Lawyer Will Do

      The immediate goal is to remove the stress you and your family are experiencing due to a denial of your LTD benefits by the insurance company. Then, whether you are suffering from a condition leading to long-term disability or partial disability, our team of legal and non-legal disability claim professionals has a proven process to build a winning cases and maximize your chances of reversing the insurance company’s denial.

      Why Choose HIMPRO?

      Himelfarb Proszanski’s disability team has a strong reputation of successfully handling disability claims in Ontario. Some major local law firms refer us their client’s disability cases. Our track record of successfully handling 97.5% of denied disability claims proves that insurance companies take us seriously.

      We provide a combined century of trial experience which has led to the successful settlement of over 10,000 cases with combined settlement value in excess of 3/4 billion dollars. And finally, we’re the only firm to offer you. And finally, we’re the only firm to offer you the HIMPRO Advantage™.

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      97.5% Success Rate
      Based on almost 30 years of legal expertise and handling over 5,000 disability cases, the Disability team at HIMPRO knows how to handle the different strategies the Insurance companies use to deny or delay the payment of your LTD Disability benefits for years. Our in-depth knowledge of the Disability Claim legal process in Ontario has led to an impressive track record: a 97.5% success rate handling disability claims.
      Strong Reputation among Insurance Companies
      Insurance companies know our reputation and don't want to go up against us in court. We’ve really earned the respect of the insurance industry. Our team, led by David Himelfarb, has over 100 combined years of hard fought insurance and litigation experience, obtaining significant judgments for our client's disability cases. We have been recognized by Best Lawyers and have the highest rating, AV Preeminent, from Martindale-Hubbell. We have sued and challenged everybody there is, at every major insurance company, over the last 30 years. That has certainly earned us the respect of their general counsel, their national trial counsel, and their defense counsel.
      Compassionate & Caring
      Trying to defend your rights to receive disability benefits and engaging in a legal case can be intimidating and stressful, on top of the disability issue itself. Our team fully understands this and will support you from the start. From our first contact, our immediate goal is to relieve the stress you and your family are experiencing due to a denial by the insurance company. We also understand you want us to be responsive to your enquiries and be kept up to date along the process. For us, you are NOT a number, and we will treat you with full respect for your person and situation, while providing the best legal representation possible.

      If English is not your first language, we provide professional translators to assist you in this process, which will limit the stress due to language barriers.

      Our Exclusive Guarantee
      • Your injury is assessed and your options are discussed
      • Your rights are protected and your claim is pursued
      • Your disability and other benefits are secured
      • You or a loved one obtains the award they deserve
      • You receive updates throughout the entire process – Our Communication Guarantee
      • Your injury assessments are booked with respected specialists
      • Your rehabilitation is optimized and personalized using our extensive network of rehabilitation and medical specialists
      • Your rehabilitation is monitored and tracked
      • Your case is managed by our lawyers from start to finish
      • You are made aware of options designed to maximize your settlement amount
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