Disability Insurance Companies

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      Disability Insurance Companies

      Many Health and Life Insurance companies in Canada offer disability benefit policies to people in Ontario.

      Disability Insurers in Ontario

      Whether you have private disability insurance through an individual or group policy, there are many insurers offering disability insurance policies in Ontario. A company accredited to sell life insurance for disability benefits in Canada is known as a disability insurance company.

      Disability insurance is a special type of Life insurance that will pay out benefits when a person becomes disabled as defined by its policy. In addition, the licensed disability insurer can act as a third-party administrator for disability benefits plans set up by governments (federal and provincial), large employers and even non-profit organizations.

      How Much Does Disability Insurance Cost?

      Each disability insurance policy is unique with its own terms, coverage, and other specifics. The disability insurance company will set up policies and plans according to their targeted customers’ needs and their own actuarial calculations.

      In addition, depending upon the type of policy, (be it an individual policy or group policy provided by an employer), the total cost of the policy might be split between a group / organization / employer and the insured person.

      Therefore, the cost will vary from one disability insurance policy to the other.

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      List of Disability Insurance Companies


      Other Disability Insurance Companies

      • ACA Insurance
      • Assumption Life Financial Services
      • Blue Cross Life Insurance Company
      • Canadian Tire Life Insurance
      • Cigna / Life Insurance Company of North America
      • Co-operators Life Insurance Company
      • Fenchurch General Insurance Company
      • IA Excellence Life Insurance Company
      • Industrial Alliance Pacific Life
      • La Capitale Life Insurance
      • Medavie Blue Cross
      • Morneau Shepell
      • Primerica Life Insurance Company
      • SSQ Life Insurance Company
      • ScotiaLife Financial
      • UL Mutual Company
      • Wawanesa Life Insurance Company

      Denied or Cut-Off Disability Benefits?

      Over the last 30 years, David Himelfarb and his team of Disability Insurance legal specialists have helped people facing serious disabilities recover their benefits from almost all active disability insurance companies in Ontario.

      Substantiating your disability to prove you are unable to return to work can be extremely challenging. The complexity of the legal system, the specifics of each insurance’s disability policy, its fine-print and the procedural requirements, all prove that you may need help to obtain the disability benefits you deserve. You need an experienced disability lawyer well respected by the insurance companies to overcome the hurdles and secure your disability benefits.


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