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      How do I challenge an insurance claim denied by Manulife?

      Are you holding a disability insurance policy by Manulife Financial and are unable to return to work?

      Denied Disability by Manulife in Ontario

      We have had many clients who have Manulife complaints, that had LTD insurance with Manulife and then reported getting their long-term disability claim denied or cut-off by the insurer, much to their surprise. Some stated the reasons for refusals were insufficient medical evidence, or a claim they could hold another type of work because total disability tests had changed.

      We understand the frustration and stress such a situation can create for you.

      Unfortunately, many people will not contest the initial decision after Manulife has denied their claim for disability benefits. Insurers often deny claims with the hope people will not appeal, or don’t know how to build a strong case to prove their disability benefit claim.

      Let’s examine what you need to know when insurers such as Manulife Financial deny your claim and what you can do about it using the Manulife appeal process.

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      Common Reasons Why Manulife Might Deny Your LTD Claim

      • Insufficient Evidence
      • No Objective Evidence
      • Pre-Existing Condition
      • Policy Exclusions
      • Contractual Eligibility
      • Misrepresentation on the Insurance Application

      Regardless of the reason of Manulife’s denial, you can still get the decision reversed using Manulife’s appeal process if you build a winning case and a court decides in your favor. You will most likely need the help of a seasoned Toronto-area disability lawyer who has previously challenged Manulife’s denials to prove your case and navigate the legal system efficiently.

      About Manulife Financial: originally called the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, is a leading Canadian financial services and insurance company. Manulife offers short-term and long-term disability insurance policies, such as the ProGuard, Venture, Synergy or Personal Accident insurance plans. While many people have subscribed to their policies through group insurance offered by their employer, some plans are offered directly to business owners or can be subscribed to by individuals.

      5 Tips for Appealing a Denied LT Disability Insurance Claim by Manulife

      A denied LTD insurance claim by Manulife is not the end of the game. Long-term disability claims are routinely denied by insurance companies. In most instances, you should use the appeal process to fight your case. However, it’s important to do it right to preserve your credibility and build a winning case. A Toronto-area long-term disability lawyer from Himelfarb Proszanski can help.

      Here are 5 tips to steer you in the right direction.
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      Tip #1: Make sure to obey the timeline for appeal
      Timing your appeal is crucial for success: there is a 2-year window to file a claim in court, which starts when the applicant receives a “clear and unequivocal denial” of the claim from Manulife. There is also an internal appeal timeline to obey, which can vary depending on your Manulife disability insurance plan.
      Tip #2: Review the details mentioned in the denial notice
      It’s important to gather as much evidence and information as to why your claim has been denied. You can also ask Manulife to see your insurance claim file and any other documentation your insurance company may have about your claim.
      Tip #3: Understand the terms & “fine print” of your policy
      Each disability insurance plan has its own particularities and terms for coverage. It’s important to understand how the terms relate to your situation so you can provide the right evidence to back your claim.
      Tip #4: Choose the right appeals process for your situation
      After Manulife denies your long-term disability benefits, you have 2 options to ask the insurer to reconsider their decision: an internal appeal process within Manulife, and an external appeal process done outside the insurance company, through tribunals or courts. It’s critically important to choose the right process, which depends on your specific situation. An LTD lawyer who has challenged Manulife’s denial decisions successfully can help you make that choice.
      Tip #5: Get legal help from a seasoned LTD Lawyer
      There are many hurdles when you try to challenge an insurance company’s denial of your LTD benefits. Without the help of an experienced disability lawyer these hurdles become major obstacles between you and your benefits. HIMPRO’s team has recovered long-term disability benefits for many clients, after they’ve been denied by Manulife. We can help you achieve the same.

      Denied or Cut-Off Disability Benefits?

      Over the last 20 years, David Himelfarb and his team of Disability Insurance legal specialists have helped people facing serious disabilities recover their benefits from almost all active disability insurance companies in Ontario.

      Substantiating your disability to prove you are unable to return to work can be extremely challenging. The complexity of the legal system, the specifics of each insurance’s disability policy, its fine-print and the procedural requirements, all these erect a tall wall between you and your benefits. You need an experienced disability lawyer well respected by the insurance companies to overcome the hurdles and secure your disability benefits asap.


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