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      Disability Lawyer Located in Oshawa, ON

      Insurance company denied your disability claim? We can recover them for you.

      Oshawa Disability Lawyer With the Right Experience

      If you are not able to carry out your job, whether in an office or more physically demanding work as a result of a severe injury or illness you will need help from a lawyer. An experienced Oshawa Disability Lawyer can make all the difference.

      Private insurance disability benefits can cover long-term disability (ltd), but getting your disability claim approved is not guaranteed. To maximize your chances of securing your disability benefits and quickly move your application through the process contact one of our experienced lawyers. HIMPRO Personal Injury and Long-Term Disability Lawyers even have an office right in Oshawa for your convenience.

      HIMPRO Personal Injury and Long-Term Disability Lawyers
      21 Simcoe Street South
      Oshawa ON L1H 4G1

      Phone: (289) 634-5554
      Toll-Free: (855) 446-7765

      Engaging the Expertise of an Oshawa Lawyer

      Trying to progress a disability claim on your own can be daunting. Insurance companies are experienced at denying claims. You may find numerous detours and hoops they want you to jump through with speed bumps along the way.

      When handling disability cases the HIMPRO Disability team has a 97.5% success rate. Insurance companies know Himelfarb Proszanski and their reputation. Having Himpro by your side can ensure the insurance companies will take your claim seriously.

      We will:

      • Review your case quickly
      • Direct and obtain the required documentation
      Oshawa Disability Lawyer
      • Issue legal proceedings when necessary to get your case settled
      • Protect your employment rights with your employer
      • Try to minimize and remove any stress you and your family might be having

      What Can You Expect from the HIMPRO Disability Team?

      When it comes to a disability claim, many people see their claims denied initially with some not pursuing the claim further – thinking that the insurance company has had the final say. While you are given the opportunity to appeal – this is usually another attempt by the Insurance to delay payments of benefits further.

      At this point, if you haven’t done so already, it is crucial that you contact an experienced ltd disability lawyer to review your claim and determine the next course of action to maximize your chances of having your disability benefits approved. Our HIMPRO Personal Injury and Long-Term Disability Lawyers know how to work with insurers and reverse their denials in order for you to get the disability benefit payments you are entitled to.

      We have built a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts in many diverse fields in order to provide support for your case against the insurance company.

      We also help people like you claiming disability benefits to:

      • Successfully pass the 2-year test for disability of group policies. This is when you are asked to prove you cannot work at “any occupation” outside your own work/ occupation
      • Apply for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits successfully
      • Prevent losing your home or getting evicted from their apartments by advancing motions to ensure payment of disability benefits for clients while awaiting trial despite the initial denial
      • Navigate the new appeals process at the Social Benefits Tribunal successfully

      What Do You Need to Do Next

      If your first disability benefit claim has been denied by your insurance company, you need a qualified disability lawyer and team in the Oshawa area to look at your disability claim in order to determine the best plan of action for you to receive all the benefits to which you are entitled by law. Take the first step. You can talk with a disability claim specialist, now.

      Why Choose HIMPRO?

      Himelfarb Proszanski’s disability team has an impressive reputation of successfully handling disability claims in Ontario. Even some major local law firms refer their clients’ disability cases to us. Our performance of successfully handling 97.5% of denied disability claims proves that insurance companies take us seriously.

      We provide a combined century of trial experience which has led to the successful settlement of over 10,000 cases with a combined settlement value in excess of 3/4 billion dollars. And finally, we’re the only firm to offer you the HIMPRO Advantage™.

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      97.5% Success Rate
      Based on 30+ years of legal experience working on 1570+ disability cases, the team at Himelfarb Proszanski knows how to maneuver through the different strategies the insurance companies use to deny or delay your payment of LTD disability benefits for years. Our extensive knowledge and experience of the disability claim legal process in Ontario has led to a remarkable track record of 97.5% success rate.
      Respectable Reputation Among Insurance Companies
      Insurance companies know Himpro’s reputation in Oshawa and don't want to deal with us in court. We have the respect of the insurance industry. Led by David Himelfarb, our team has 100+ years combined insurance and litigation experience, achieving consequential judgments for our client's disability cases. We have sued and challenged every insurance company out there over the last 27 years. Himelfarb Proszanski has certainly earned the respect of their lawyers, their defense counsel, and the national trial counsel.
      Compassionate & Caring
      Our team will support you from the start. From our first meeting, our goal is to minimize the stress you are experiencing due to an insurance company disability denial. We understand the importance of keeping in constant contact with you throughout the process. We will be attentive to your needs and answer your questions and address your concerns when you have them. We provide professional translators if English is not your first language, to assist you in this process.
      Our Exclusive Himpro Guarantee
      • We will assess your injury and discuss the options available to maximize your settlement amount
      • We protect your rights while your claim is being pursued
      • We secure your disability and other benefits
      • We give you our Communication Guarantee - we will update you on any new developments and answer you questions in a timely manner
      • We will help you to secure appointment with injury specialists
      • We have an extensive network of rehabilitation and medical specialists to optimized and personalized your rehabilitation
      • We will monitor and track your rehabilitation process
      • From start to finish, your case is managed by our lawyers
      What We Offer
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      • Hospital & Home Visits
        Visits are available free of charge anywhere in Ontario.
      • No Fees Unless We Win
        Our guarantee: we don’t get paid until your case settles.


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