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      Soft Tissue Damage & Chronic Pain Claim Lawyer in Brampton, Ontario

      The right legal help ensure a positive outcome for your soft tissue & chronic pain disability case in Brampton, ON

      Long Term Disability Insurance Claims for Soft Tissue Damage & Chronic Pain in Brampton

      An accident, whether on or off the clock, can have long-term effects on your health and ability to provide for your family here in the Brampton area. Accidents that lead to soft tissue injuries and the resulting chronic pain symptoms are especially hard to deal with, as your long-term disability claim is likely to be a bit more complicated and require an advocate who knows the laws, rules, and steps needed to obtain a favorable outcome.

      Because soft-tissue injuries and chronic pain are harder to see with tangible diagnostic testing, expert affidavits and witness statements can sometimes be required, having a Brampton-based attorney that knows the ins and outs of obtaining the right kind of proof can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

      Many types of accidents can cause soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. From slips and/or falls to whiplash injuries due to car, truck, or motorcycle accidents – the pain and long-term trauma that’s left behind is real and proving that to your long-term disability insurance company can sometimes be difficult.

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      Brampton Soft Tissue Injuries & Chronic Pain

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      Types of Soft Tissue Injuries that Could Result
      in Long Term Disability in Brampton

      • Tendon injuries
        There are several types of soft tissue injuries that can affect your tendons. Bursitis, tendonitis, dislocations and broken bones that injure and displace the surrounding soft tissues can cause long-lasting pain and life-long chronic pain.
      • Nerve injuries
        Injuries that result in nerve damage can be short or long-term. Sometimes the neurologic pathways that are injured can heal themselves, sometimes they cannot and chronic pain can be a result. You may also not be able to grab or grip items with your hand or may suffer from permanent tingles in your extremities
      • Injuries to arteries & veins
        If you’ve suffered from an injury to veins or arteries, blood flow to organs or extremities might make you more susceptible to sitting for long periods of time, hot or cold temperature fluxes, standing in one spot, or could decrease mobility. Any of these injuries could result in a long-term disability.
      • Injuries to the lymphatic system
        Some medical treatments can lead to injuries involving the lymphatic system. Tumors or scars from surgery could be a secondary cause of long-term disability due to soft tissue injury. They can also cause chronic pain that needs long-term care.
      • Burns
        Severe burns can cause a lifetime of problems – from mobility issues to chronic pain. These are sometimes less difficult to prove in a long-term disability insurance situation because the injuries are easier to see, but ensuring you’re taken care of in its entirety will likely require a lawyer’s help.
      • Hearing Loss
        The tympanic membrane inside your ear can be damaged from loud noises, pressure changes, and other types of injury and accidents, permanently affecting your hearing. These soft tissue injuries are sometimes created over time but can cause long-term issues such as permanent hearing loss or tinnitus.

      Our commitment to you – we will:

      • Work to lessen/remove the stress you and your family are experiencing
      • Analyze your case quickly
      • Handle the communications with your insurance company
      • Move to obtain the appropriate medical documentation required
      • Issues legal proceedings to get your case settled
      • Offer you our HIMPRO Advantage™ exclusive guarantees
      • Protect your employment rights with your employer (to address/prevent wrongful dismissal)

      Brampton, Ontario Workplace Soft Tissue Injuries
      & Long Term Disability

      If you were injured at work, there’s an extra layer of complication that could be standing in your way when looking for a chronic pain long-term disability judgment to go in your favor. The Workplace Safety Insurance Board in Ontario has specific requirements that must be met and ensuring you have the right data available is made that much easier when you have an advocate from Himelfarb Proszanski in Brampton, Ontario on your side.

      These are just some of the injuries you might suffer in the Brampton area that are eligible for long term disability insurance claims:

      • Carpal Tunnel/Wrist injuries
        Repetitive motion injuries can cause long-term issues with your wrists, arms and elbows. If you type all day long, run an adding machine, work on a Brampton-based assembly line or other repetitive-type tasks – carpal tunnel syndrome or other tendon and muscle injuries are quite common.
      • Back Pain due to desk/sitting
        We all know that sitting in the same position all day long, day after day, year after year can have a detrimental effect on the core of our bodies – the soft tissues that support our bone structures. Many workplaces encourage ergonomics and frequent movement – but sometimes that’s not good enough.
      • Burns from on the job activities
        If you were involved in an accident that caused severe burns on a portion of your body, these are soft tissue injuries that could be eligible for long term disability.
      • Car/Truck accidents while driving for work
        Vehicle Accidents while driving for work are one of the most common types of on-the-job injuries. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of soft-tissue injury. Let us help make sure your long-term prospects are taken care of.

      How We Work With You

      Also, our team routinely helps people like you claiming disability benefits to:

      • Successfully pass the 2-year test for disability of group disability policies (when you are asked to prove you cannot hold “any occupation” outside your own work/ occupation
      • Successfully apply for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits
      • Prevent losing your home or getting evicted from their apartments by advancing motions to ensure payment of disability benefits for clients while awaiting trial despite the initial denial
      • Successfully navigate the new appeals process at the Social Benefits Tribunal

      What You Need to Do Next

      If your initial disability benefit has been denied by your insurance company, don’t wait: you need a seasoned disability lawyer and team in the Brampton area to look into your claim and determine the best course of action to secure your benefits. Take the first step and talk to our disability claim specialist, now.

      Why Choose HIMPRO?

      Himelfarb Proszanski’s disability team has a strong reputation of successfully handling disability claims in Ontario. Some major local law firms refer us their client’s disability cases. Our track record of successfully handling 97.5% of denied disability claims proves that insurance companies take us seriously.

      We provide a combined century of trial experience which has led to the successful settlement of over 3,000 cases with combined settlement value in excess of ½ billion dollars. And finally, we’re the only firm to offer you the HIMPRO Advantage™.

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      97% Success Rate
      Based on almost 30 years of legal expertise and handling over 1575 disability cases, the Disability team at HIMPRO knows how to handle the different strategies the Insurance companies use to deny or delay the payment of your LTD Disability benefits for years. Our in-depth knowledge of the Disability Claim legal process in Ontario has led to an impressive track record: a 97.5% success rate handling disability claims.
      Strong Reputation Among Insurance Companies
      Insurance companies know our reputation and don't want to go up against us in court. We’ve really earned the respect of the insurance industry. Our team, led by David Himelfarb, has over 100 combined years of hard-fought insurance and litigation experience, obtaining significant judgments for our client's disability cases. We have sued and challenged everybody there is, at every major insurance company, over the last 27 years. That has certainly earned us the respect of their general counsel, their national trial counsel, and their defense counsel.
      Compassion & Caring
      Trying to defend your rights to receive disability benefits and engaging in a legal case can be intimidating and stressful, on top of the disability issue itself. Our team fully understands this and will support you from the start. From our first contact, our immediate goal is to relieve the stress you and your family are experiencing due to a denial by the insurance company. We also understand you want us to be responsive to your enquiries and be kept up to date along the process. For us, you are NOT a number, and we will treat you with full respect for your person and situation, while providing the best legal representation possible.
      If English is not your first language, we provide professional translators to assist you in this process, which will limit the stress due to language barriers.
      Our Exclusive Guarantee
      • Your injury is assessed and your options are discussed
      • Your rights are protected and your claim is pursued
      • Your disability and other benefits are secured
      • You or a loved one obtains the award they deserve
      • You receive updates throughout the entire process – Our Communication Guarantee
      • Your injury assessments are booked with respected specialists
      • Your rehabilitation is optimized and personalized using our extensive network of rehabilitation and medical specialists
      • Your rehabilitation is monitored and tracked
      • Your case is managed by our lawyers from start to finish
      • You are made aware of options designed to maximize your settlement amount
      What We Offer
      • Free Case Evaluation
        Schedule your free no-obligation personal injury evaluation.
      • Hospital & Home Visits
        Visits are available free of charge anywhere in Ontario.
      • No Fees Unless We Win
        Our guarantee: we don’t get paid until your case settles.

      What our Clients Have to Say:

      David Himelfarb and his staff at the firm was kind and sensitive to my needs. I really appreciated all the hard work, the support and help I got during my very difficult time. Even though it was the hardest times of my life dealing with a sensitive case, I felt very comforted by everyone and that made it easier for me to deal with a hard situation. Thank you for everything, I’m grateful for how everything turned out. You were there supporting me and my family from the beginning to the end and made sure that we are all happy and taken care of. Thank you again.

      Katalin S. – client ★★★★★

      It was a pleasure working with David Himelfarb. He made us feel like home with his friendly and dedicated attitude. Explained everything so simply for me to understand what I have to do.

      Goby N. – client ★★★★★

      I appreciate all the help and support that I got from Rosa Firsten of Himelfarb Proszanki. She was always available and had a quick response to all the question that I had in my benefit claim. The firm handle my claim in a very professional way. I would recommend the firm to anyone who need a legal representation.

      Alexis U. – client ★★★★★

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