Top Causes of Outdoor Slips and Falls

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      Slip and Falls

      Top Causes of Outdoor Slips and Falls

      Top Causes of Outdoor Slips and Falls

      Slip and fall lawsuits are among the most common types of personal injury lawsuits. This is because there are so many conditions that can result in these accidents.

      Below you’ll learn about the top causes of outdoor slips and falls and what to do if you experience one.

      Snowy and Icy Weather

      Snow and ice are a very common cause of slip and fall accidents, but it’s common that the property owner is not held liable. For example, if snow or ice accumulated outside an apartment building due to the weather, the property owner is not required by law to remove it.

      That said, if high levels of snow or ice accumulate on a roof or in a parking lot and then refreeze into ice, the property owner may be held liable for an accident.

      Lighting Problems

      When lighting in a parking lot, sidewalk or building is inadequate, accidents involving slips and falls often occur. If the property owner knew the lighting was inadequate and did nothing to improve it, or even if they should have known, they can be held liable for your accident.

      Unsafe Parking Lots

      Any owner of a parking lot is responsible for keeping it safe enough for people to use. Filling holes, repairing cracks, and leveling any differences in height are all important duties of the property owner. If an owner knowingly fails to repair any of these problems, they may be considered negligent for a slip and fall accident.


      If you slip and fall on a sidewalk that is maintained or owned by a city but outside of public property, the property owner is usually not responsible. Sometimes however, a business will be held liable if you slip or fall on a sidewalk that is used exclusively by visitors to that business. If the sidewalk is private, such as one in back of a building, they can also be held responsible.

      Getting Legal Assistance

      If you’ve experienced a slip or fall, it can create large medical bills, lost work time, and other expenses. Filing a lawsuit against a property owner may be a good idea if you think the owner was responsible for your injuries, but this is sometimes difficult to tell. If the property owner failed to correct an issue that caused your slip or fall, they can be held legally responsible.

      Even if you aren’t certain whether the property owner is responsible for your slip or fall, the best course of action after this type of accident is to contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer with the expertise to advise you on your legal rights and tell you how strong your case is. Consultations are usually free, so it’s usually a good idea to at least visit a lawyer.

      Now that you know more about common causes of slips and falls and what to do if you experience this kind of accident, download our personal injury recovery kit, or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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