Am I Covered for No-Fault Accident Benefits Even If I Am at Fault?

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      Accident Benefits

      Am I Covered for No-Fault Accident Benefits Even If I Am at Fault?

      Am I Covered for No-Fault Accident Benefits Even If I Am at Fault?

      Benefits Coverage for At-Fault Accident

      In Ontario, there is a statute-created accident benefit system in place to provide people with medical, financial and other coverages. It is a no-fault accident benefits system. What that means is, even if you caused a motor vehicle accident, your insurance company still has to pay for your treatment needs, your income losses, and other benefits.


      Types of No-Fault Accident Benefits in Ontario

      In Ontario, there is accident benefits coverage to deal with the many types of losses and difficulties you may experience following a motor vehicle accident.

      One of the most important of these is medical and rehabilitation coverage, which pays for medical expenses such as hospital bills, prescription medications, and medical aids such as crutches and braces, as well as treatment costs such as physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, occupational therapy and job re-training, among other things.

      In cases of serious injury, a person might require assistance with their activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, cooking meals, applying dressing to wounds, etc. The Ontario no-fault scheme provides this person with an attendant care benefit so they can hire somebody to help out. The amount of the attendant care benefit is determined by the level of assistance a person needs.

      If you are off work as a result of a motor vehicle accident, no-fault accident benefits in Ontario cover a significant portion of your wage losses. This benefit is called an “income replacement” benefit. Even if you don’t work, accident benefits coverage includes something called a “non-earner” benefit, which provides some money to a person who is seriously injured enough that it affects the majority of his or her normal activities.

      In other cases involving catastrophic injuries, such as loss of limbs, significant brain jury, or paraplegia or quadriplegia, the no-fault insurance in Ontario may cover the cost of housekeeping and home maintenance assistance. Also, if you are a caregiver to young children or an elderly or disabled person and have suffered catastrophic injuries, you may be entitled to a caregiver benefit. The amount of this benefit varies depending on how many people you are providing care for, and enables you to hire an outside worker to assist with providing care.

      Sometimes a motor vehicle accident tragically results in a person being killed. In fatal accident cases, there is coverage for funeral expenses. There is also a death benefit for a surviving spouse and/or children. And, if family members require counseling as a result of their loss, that may also be covered under the medical and rehabilitation coverage referred to earlier.


      Choosing the Right Lawyer to Deal with No-Fault Insurance in Ontario

      No-fault accident benefits coverage in Ontario can be difficult to understand. Contact Himelfarb Proszanski today to speak to an experienced and dedicated lawyer to know your rights when it comes to benefits coverage in an at-fault accident today. Learn how to get the best medical care and the best financial recovery available.

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