Negotiating Personal Injury: How It Can Work for You

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      Personal Injury

      Negotiating Personal Injury: How It Can Work for You

      Negotiating Personal Injury: How It Can Work for You

      The vast majority of personal injury lawsuits are resolved through a negotiated settlement. While much is made of large verdicts and legal battles, the lawyers tasked with negotiation of a personal injury case typically come to an agreement on the value of these claims. The fact that settlements are common does not guarantee that the outcome will be what you had in mind. Negotiating a personal injury settlement is a long, challenging process even with the best legal counsel. If you attempt to negotiate your personal injury claim on your own, you could put your recovery at risk.

      Negotiating a Personal Injury Case

      Wondering how to negotiate personal injury settlement? The insurance company for the at-fault party loves nothing more than dealing directly with an injury victim. While you likely have little to no experience negotiating a personal injury settlement, the same cannot be said for the adjuster.

      Their day-to-day job starts and ends with negotiating a personal injury settlement, and they have extensive training on limiting the amount of compensation their company gives.

      The insurance company will pay attention to every word you say should you speak with their adjuster. They know the common pitfalls in a personal injury case and can work to trip you up when discussing your claim. If they are able to get you to admit the accident was your fault or that your injuries were not severe, your claim could be damaged beyond repair.

      Every word you say to the insurance company representative could impact you when negotiating a personal injury claim.

      How a Lawyer Can Help Negotiate a Personal Injury Claim

      Ultimately “how to negotiate personal injury settlement” is a question best left to your lawyer. While insurance companies are known for pushing sub-par settlement offers on an injury victim in an effort to settle a claim for less than it is worse, they understand these tactics will not work on a skilled lawyer.

      Insurance companies will often work to delay a claim for as long as possible. It is their view that an injury victim facing financial hardship is more likely to accept an unfair settlement if the case drags on for months.

      Your lawyer can press a claim, pushing a case toward trial. But putting pressure on the insurance company, it will make things easier on you as you wait for the case to resolve.

      Someone on Your Side

      Your lawyer can also serve as your advocate with hostile insurance companies. Because every word you say can impact your claim, your inexperience with negotiating these claims can be detrimental.

      The good news is that there is no requirement you deal directly with the insurer. This goes not only for hostile insurance companies but your own insurer as well. Your attorney can serve as your point of contact with your claim, ensuring nothing you say can later be used against you.

      The value of a personal injury claim is unlike a commodity that can be purchased at a store. There is not set value for an injury, as every case is different. Because of the non-uniformity of these claims, only extensive experience negotiating a personal injury case can provide insight into the value of a claim.

      If you attempt to resolve your claim on your own, you will lack the perspective needed to identify a good offer from a bad. There is much more that goes into evaluating a claim than identifying the cost of your medical bills. Your lawyer can review your claim and identify the compensation you deserve.

      Your best opportunity for discussing your claim is through consulting directly with an experienced lawyer about negotiating your personal injury claim.

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