Private Disability Insurance Lawyers: Are You Getting ALL the Disability Benefits You Deserve?

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      Private Disability Insurance Lawyers: Are You Getting ALL the Disability Benefits You Deserve?

      Private Disability Insurance Lawyers: Are You Getting ALL the Disability Benefits You Deserve?

      Getting private disability insurance in Canada can be a challenge. The vast majority of claims are denied the first time around. Or they’re simply paid out for a short period and then stopped. At that point, applicants need help getting disability benefits reinstated. The most common solution: private disability insurance lawyers who have experience in filing and winning claims like yours.

      In the Beginning

      If you are preparing to file a disability claim on your own, consider the potential areas of confusion and trouble that might lie ahead. For starters, every word you say to an insurance adjuster can and will be used against you after your claim is filed. Knowing precisely what to say to an adjuster is of paramount importance. A lawyer can help you write a concise statement that will satisfy the adjuster’s request and work to your advantage once the claim is filed.

      There are some questions that adjusters are not allowed to ask. This doesn’t prevent them from trying. Do you know, legally, what you must answer? A lawyer knows all the parameters and can assist you when it comes time to deal with adjusters. Competent legal professionals will also know how to fill out your disability application thoroughly, honestly and accurately. The goal is to apply in such a way that you will be approved for disability benefits the first time, not the second, third or fourth.

      There are three main categories under which Canadians usually need help getting disability benefits:

      Obtaining benefits-

      • From an employer
      • From a private insurance company
      • From the Canada Pension Plan, also known as CPP

      Private Disability Lawyers Know How to Succeed

      The legal morass of Canada’s disability compensation programs can be daunting to even the most determined individuals. There’s a double problem for applicants. First, they’re faced with a disability, which makes every aspect of life more difficult. Second, in the midst of being disabled, the person is expected to navigate one of the most complex areas of Canadian law.

      It’s no wonder that most disability applicants eventually turn to private disability insurance lawyers. In most cases, the legal fees are far overshadowed by the amount of the disability award, which is a monthly benefit paid for life.

      What Lawyers Do for Applicants?

      Private disability insurance lawyers know how to deal with denied applications, delayed benefits, benefit deductions, or other legal roadblocks that are routinely thrown in the way of people who are unable to work but still need to cover daily living expenses.

      It’s quite common for CPP, private insurers and employers to deny benefits the first time around. This puts people in a financial bind because they often have no, or very little, income during this appeals period. Competent lawyers can do two things to get the ball rolling and get the compensation that their clients deserve:

      Long-term disabilities that prohibit someone from continuing gainful employment can mean going from a reliable income to no income. Whether the entity that denied the benefit application is governmental or private, an experienced lawyer will be sure to meet all the criteria when the client applies again.

      Additionally, professional legal advisors will meet any of the specific deadlines within the process and even act as an in-court representative for clients who face fully denied or delayed benefits.

      When CPP claims are denied, legal professionals approach the situation in a similar way, making certain that all paperwork is filed by the appropriate deadlines and helping clients understand exactly what is happening during each stage of the process.

      Are You Getting What You Deserve?

      There’s really no use in getting short-term benefits for a long-term disability. Nor do you want to receive a payment amount that is far short of what you deserve. If you still need to apply for benefits, or have already been turned down, check with a disability lawyer and find out how to file a successful application and how to get the full amount of benefits you deserve.

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