Top 5 Reasons Your Long-Term Disability Can Be Cancelled

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      Top 5 Reasons Your Long-Term Disability Can Be Cancelled

      Top 5 Reasons Your Long-Term Disability Can Be Cancelled

      If you have had your long-term disability cancelled Ontario residents should be aware that there are several reasons why this may have happened. Some of the reasons that cause cancellation are very easy to rectify. Other reasons may require the services of a lawyer.

      Knowing the most common reasons for having your long-term disability cancelled will help you quickly fix the problem and get your benefits back on track.

      1. Missed Deadlines for Paperwork Submission

      One of the most common reasons that long-term disability payments are cancelled is due to missing deadlines for filing paperwork. The insurance companies are very strict about filing paperwork for your claim and often put very tight deadlines on their submission because it is one of the easiest ways to deny or stop benefits.

      2. Missed Doctors Appointment

      The insurance company is going to monitor your medical care when you are collecting benefits closely. If they see that you are missing doctor appointments, they have the ability to cancel your long-term disability payments. It is the belief of the insurance companies that if you continue to miss medical care that you are no longer in need of that care and, therefore, no longer considered disabled.

      3. Refusal of Medical Therapy or Treatment

      You can have your long-term disability cancelled if you refuse certain types of treatments or therapies prescribed by the insurer for your condition. Even if you disagree with the treatment plan or purpose, failure to comply with these treatments can result in cancellation. The insurance company believes that you are obligated to do everything within your power, including trying therapies prescribed at their discretion, to make yourself better and get off the long-term disability program.

      4. Refusal to Attend Independent Medical Examination

      The insurance company reserves the right to ask for an independent medical exam. This exam is strictly for legal purposes and is supposed to be used to determine if you qualify for benefits. Refusal to attend this exam can end your case for benefits or have your benefits cancelled. You must attend this appointment if you want to receive any benefits.

      5. Acting in a Manner Not Consistent with Your Disability

      It is very important to understand that the insurance company will most likely record your activities. If you are in a public space, including in your driveway or on the sidewalk outside your home, they have the right to record your actions for review. They will often check your social media accounts as well. The insurance companies are more prone to record people that are younger or ones that are getting large payments each month.

      For example, if you are seen dancing at the club, it will be very hard to show that your back injury is preventing you from working. Being seen bending and lifting large items, participating in sports or other similar activities, and even carrying several bags of groceries into your home at one time can cause the insurer to reconsider your disability status.

      It may not seem fair that you are most likely under continual surveillance, and you are right. However, the main goal of every insurance company is to collect premiums and avoid making payments. These insurers will do whatever it takes to make sure they protect their profits.

      Speak with a Long-Term Disability Lawyer

      Some of the reasons that your benefits for long-term disability have been cancelled are very simple and easy to fix. If you have forgotten to submit paperwork, a quick call to the insurer may be able to straighten out the entire problem. However, some issues may be much more complicated to straighten out and will require the assistance of a lawyer.

      If you have had your long-term disability cancelled Ontario insurance recipients are encouraged to call a long-term disability lawyer. Your lawyer can review the reasons for your disqualification and help you reestablish your claim for benefits.

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