Big Truck Accidents are Increasing: How to Remain Safe on the Road?

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      Big Truck Accidents are Increasing: How to Remain Safe on the Road?

      Big Truck Accidents are Increasing: How to Remain Safe on the Road?

      Ontario Road Safety

      Commercial trucking accidents have always been a significant cause of injury on Ontario roadways. The commercial truck industry has attempted to make strides to address the risk these accidents. Advancements in technology have also given many hope that truck accident fatalities may someday be eliminated entirely creating better Ontario road safety.

      Unfortunately, recent studies suggest the opposite may be happening. Crashes are on the rise, as are fatalities related to heavy commercial vehicles. Taking proactive steps to avoid these accidents could be the difference between life and death for some drivers.

      Big Truck Accidents Increase Steadily

      Commercial vehicle wrecks have long been an issue in Ontario. In June of 2018, the Ontario Provincial Police released statistics regarding fatal accidents in 2017. The news was not good, especially relating to commercial vehicles.

      In total, the OPP responded to nearly 69,000 collisions in 2017. Of those, 304 involved fatalities. This marks the highest number of fatal accidents in the province since 2013. The figures are even worse for commercial vehicle accidents. Of the 304 fatal accidents, 76 of those collisions involved a commercial vehicle. In total, 91 were deaths resulted from crashes with heavy commercial trucks. These numbers were the worst in a decade.

      Big Truck Accidents: Steps to Improve Road Safety with Trucks

      Trying to remain safe on Ontario roads may seem daunting, especially when you realize that many of the dangers regarding commercial trucking are mostly outside of your control. Things like intoxication, driver fatigue and traffic cannot be planned for and are common causes of severe heavy truck accidents. So what can you do?

      Following Ontario road safety tips can go a long way in keeping you safe.

      Never Merge Too Soon

      Trucks need a lot of space to turn, stop, or change lanes. These heavy trucks need far more space to operate than a passenger vehicle, so avoid taking the space they need. When traffic slows, never pull in front of a commercial truck as they need significant space to come to a stop. If you cannot see both headlights in your rear view, you are too close.

      Be Visible

      Commercial vehicles are well known for their enormous blind spots. Most big trucks have blind spots directly in front, directly behind, and along each side of their trailer. Assume the operator cannot see you in these blind spots and try to avoid them. If you can’t see the driver of the truck, there’s a really good chance they can’t see you either. 

      Give Trucks Room to Turn

      When you are at an intersection, give a signaling truck ample room to turn. While it may feel like you are entitled to stand your ground, the reality is that intersections are not made with commercial vehicles in mind. When in doubt, move over a lane or back up to give a truck plenty of turning space. The same suggestion goes for changing lanes. If a truck signals that they are going to merge, never speed up to pass them. Give the truck a wide berth to stay out of harm’s way.

      Stay Vigilant

      One out of every five traffic deaths involves a big truck accident. The vast majority of those who died in collisions with commercial vehicles were drivers or passengers of personal vehicles, not the operator of the truck. Given the impact on passenger vehicles, avoid a crash with a commercial vehicle or big truck on Ontario roads could mean the difference between life or death.

      Help is Available

      Contacting an Ontario truck accident lawyer who is experienced in Ontario road safety from trucks can mean the difference in getting you the compensation you deserve after an accident.

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