What is the Average Payouts for Slip and Fall Cases in Ontario?

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      Slip and Falls

      What is the Average Payouts for Slip and Fall Cases in Ontario?

      What is the Average Payouts for Slip and Fall Cases in Ontario?

      One of the most common questions a lawyer is asked about a slip and fall case is the value of the payout. Sadly, there is not a specific answer to this question. Every case is unique, and because of this, slip and fall cases payouts are different for each person.

      Factors in Slip and Fall Cases Payouts in Canada

      Every slip and fall case is different. The injuries received and their severity will differ from person to person. A person tripping on debris on the floor and landing on their hands and knees will have different injuries than someone who fell down the stairs.

      The way a person lands when they fall will also have an impact on the outcome of their injuries. Someone whose feet slips out from under them may land on their back, causing harm to their spine, neck, and head. A fall on your bottom may cause tailbone fractures, and falling face first can fracture your wrists and knees.

      Because of these variances, slip and fall cases in Ontario will all be valued based on the severity of the injuries and the facts of the case.

      Types of Compensation for Slip and Fall Cases

      Slip and fall court cases will examine the types of injuries that you have received and determine the compensation that you are entitled to under the law. Once the types are established, your lawyer will then determine the fair compensation amount based on your losses.

      Some of the forms of compensation that slip and fall cases payouts include:

      • Medical expenses both current and future concerning the injury
      • Lost wages and benefits
      • Future earning losses if you cannot return to work
      • Personal expenses associated with the injury such as supplies required for your care
      • Pain and suffering
      • Other forms of compensation based on the facts of your case

      Your lawyer will discuss with you all the forms of compensation that are available to you.

      What to do When a Slip and Fall Happens

      When you have slipped and fallen on a property that you do not own, it is very important that you take the following steps to protect your rights to seek compensation.

      • File an accident report. If you are on a commercial property, you will need to file a report with the business so that the event is documented.
      • If possible, take pictures of the immediate area where you fell. If your injuries prevent this, taking pictures at a later date still may help.
      • Get medical care. Do not delay seeing a doctor for your injuries. That headache you have may actually be a concussion instead of just a stress headache from the fall.
      • Document everything. Write down everything that you remember. This information will help later.
      • Contact a slip and fall lawyer right away. Slip and fall court cases can be hard to prove fault, and you will need the assistance of a layer to build a solid case.
      • Refrain from disclosing any information about the accident, your case, or your injuries or recovery on social media. The insurance company will be monitoring your posts for any information that they can use to deny your claim.

      For the Best Results of a Slip and Fall Case

      To achieve the best results of a slip and fall claim, you are encouraged to keep track of all of your losses very carefully. Track everything from the cost of attending the doctor to the number of hours you missed at work. Even though your attorney will be documenting a lot of these losses, having a full accounting will make sure you receive all of the payouts you deserve.

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