7 Questions You Should Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

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      Motor Vehicle Accident

      7 Questions You Should Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

      7 Questions You Should Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

      In Canada, the most common causes of car accidents are speeding, impaired driving, texting while driving, and fatigued driving. If you are an injured driver or passenger, your major concerns are to seek legal guidance and prepare a list of car accident lawyer questions. According to the 2020 public opinion poll by Traffic Injury Research Foundation, Canadians concerned about individuals driving under the influence of marijuana dropped by 1.5 percent.

      While national concerns are decreasing, Road Safety Monitor continues to observe the trend in Canada after the legalization of the substance for recreational use. Regardless of the other driver is under the influence of legal substances or distracted while driving, you will need representation if you have injuries and property damages. Car accident legal questions are helpful in performing due diligence and selecting the right lawyer to handle your case.

      Information Relating to a Car Accident

      Immediately after a car accident occurs, the drivers must exchange information, such as driver’s license, phone contact, auto-license plates, and home address. If there are minor to severe bodily injuries, call the police first and second, seek car accident legal advice. Below is a list of other things you will need to do after an accident;

      • Take pictures of the automobile accident and damages using your smartphone or a digital camera.
      • If possible, move your vehicle to a safe spot away from on-going traffic.
      • File a report with the police by contacting the Collision Report Centre for reporting help or local body shops.

      Why a Reputable Lawyer is Significant

      Car accident legal questions will help you make the best decision in selecting a legal representative with qualifications in the personal injury-auto accident field. For accident victims to recover financially, a lawyer can handle your claim and recoup your total losses. The Canadian Government reported that traffic collisions have a $10 billion financial impact annually on economic losses involving health care costs and lost productivity.

      How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

      • Provides consultation to ensure you have an understanding of the legal process in filing a claim and the approximate settlement date.
      • Collect important documents, such as police reports and photographs of the accident scene and vehicle damages.
      • Communicates with insurance companies to negotiate on your behalf and push for claim settlement.
      • Stand up and fight for your legal rights to recover your losses.

      List of Seven Car Accident Lawyer Questions

      1. What are your legal credentials and experience as a Canadian car accident lawyer?

      The legal advisor you select should have legal credentials posted on his or her website, such as licensing, authentic testimonials, and a list of successful settlement cases. Inquire about the lawyer’s reputation, educational background, and litigation experience.

      2. How much are the legal fees for legal representation?

      Ask the auto accident lawyer if he or she works on cases on a percentage fee basis based on if your case is successful. In most instances, a lawyer will take on your case at no charge until after finalizing the settlement through the insurer or the court of law.

      3. Who will represent you in the car accident case?

      Canadian lawyers have a team of professionals including paralegals and legal secretaries who work on documentation and filing the court forms. The lawyer will conduct the consultation and answer all your questions.

      4. How will you approach my case for settlement?

      A lawyer will explain to you during the consultation how he or she will briefly approach your case. The briefing summarizes plans for investigating the accident, asking for the settlement, and acceptance of the insurer’s settlement versus settling in court.

      5. What is the assessment of my case?

      When you ask a lawyer to make an assessment of your case, the response will cover an assumed timeline believed to resolve the case. He or she will provide you with an estimated monetary amount you may recover.

      6. Are there any disciplinary actions or complaints filed against you?

      If a lawyer has disciplinary actions or complaints filed or pending, it could show a tarnished reputation. You can search online for complaints and disciplinary actions filed against a legal professional practicing law in Canada for verification.

      7. What is the outcome of your personal injury case?

      Most experienced lawyers can predict the outcome of your auto accident case when efficient information is accurate and presentable. If there is sufficient evidence to prove your claim, the lawyer will let you know at the end of the consultation the possible outcome.

      You need legal representation from an expert with experience in personal injury and vehicle accidents involving a permanent disability, fatality, or injury. Your lawyer will be by your side and represent you with integrity, professionalism, and a successful legal background. Make sure you ask the car accident lawyer questions listed above during the initial consultation with an experienced legal professional.

      Disclaimer: The content of this article is a general guideline made available for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as legal advice for the reader's specific situation nor in general. By reading our blog and website content, the reader acknowledges the above and understands there is no lawyer-client relationship created between you and Himelfarb Proszanski through this content. To get specific legal advice, we encourage you to book a free consultation with one of our lawyers to clarify the legal aspects of your situation.