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      Accident Lawyer Fees

      What you need to know about fees associated with your case.

      How Accident Lawyer Fees Work

      If you’ve been in an accident and require a lawyer, you may be wondering about the fees involved. At Himelfarb Proszanski, no fees are charged unless we win your case, and you pay nothing until your case is settled. Once your case is settled, contingency fees are charged, which is a percentage of the money recovered in your case. This way, you can focus on recovering while we focus on getting you the highest settlement and the medical care that you’re entitled to.

      Depending on the unique situation in which your case was settled, contingency fee percentages will vary. We will discuss this with you and ensure that you fully understand how these accident lawyer fees are calculated.

      Compensation and Medical Care

      Regardless of who’s at fault, you are legally entitled to compensation and medical care. If you have suffered serious injuries, it’s especially important to have an experienced accident lawyer on your side to protect your rights and make sure you get the best settlement and medical care, including rehabilitation services. Our experienced lawyers work hard to build a case that will ensure you receive the care and compensation you need and deserve.

      At Himelfarb Proszanski, our top priority is your health and well-being. We want you to take time to recover physically and mentally from your accident. All legal fees and expenses are only paid by you if we win. But remember—you won’t pay anything unless we recover money for you.

      Leaders in Personal Injury Law with Over 3000 Cases Settled

      Why Choose HIMPRO?

      Himelfarb Proszanski is a leading law firm with full service personal injury lawyers. We provide a combined century of trial experience which has led to the successful settlement of over 3,000 cases with combined settlement value in excess of ½ billion dollars. And finally, we’re the only firm to offer you the HIMPRO Advantage™.

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      Our Exclusive Guarantee
      • Your injury is assessed and your options are discussed
      • Your rights are protected and your claim is pursued
      • Your disability and other benefits are secured
      • You or a loved one obtains the award they deserve
      • You receive updates throughout the entire process – Our Communication Guarantee
      • Your injury assessments are booked with respected specialists
      • Your rehabilitation is optimized and personalized using our extensive network of rehabilitation and medical specialists
      • Your rehabilitation is monitored and tracked
      • Your case is managed by our lawyers from start to finish
      • You are made aware of options designed to maximize your settlement amount
      What We Offer
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      • Hospital & Home Visits
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      • No Fees Unless We Win
        Our guarantee: we don’t get paid until your case settles.


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        Note: Your Privacy is Safe with us. We will never disclose your information to external parties.