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Why You Need a Brain Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a brain injury, whether it was caused by a motor vehicle accident, an assault, an injury on the job, a sports injury, a slip and fall accident, or medical malpractice you need a personal injury lawyer. A brain injury can arise from something that appears minor such as whiplash. You need a Brain Injury Lawyer who has experience with these complex and often misunderstood injuries.

Your Brain Injury Lawyer understands the far-reaching impact of a brain injury on all facets of your life: physical, emotional, and social. A brain injury also has a devastating financial impact. You may feel like no-one understands what you are going through. At Himelfarb Proszanski, we have extensive experience litigating cases involving brain injuries. We act immediately to engage the right team of professionals to ensure that you are receiving the care you need. Your Brain Injury Lawyer ensures that you receive the highest level of compensation addressing your current and future needs.

What Your Brain Injury Lawyer Will Do

You are entitled to the best medical therapy and rehabilitation available including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech language pathologists, social workers and case managers. Himelfarb Proszanski has access to a vast network of specialized resources. Your Brain Injury Lawyer ensures you not only receive these services immediately upon leaving the medical facility but that these services continue on an ongoing basis and for as long as needed. Your Brain Injury Lawyer will coordinate these resources and involve the best specialists in your care regime, make all the necessary appointments and handle all of the paperwork. That is just part of the HimPro Advantage™.

How it Works and How We Work with You

With brain injury cases it is imperative to have a neuropsychological assessment conducted by a highly reputable brain injury physician at a leading hospital. The neuropsychological assessment is the compilation of a series of tests designed to map out mental functioning and determine where the problems lie. These test results are then clinically compared to functionality prior to the injury and your Brain Injury Lawyer, in conjunction with the medical professionals, develops substantive proof that a brain injury has occurred. Your Brain Injury Lawyer will identify these issues, establish evidence and compile the potential negative effects on lifestyle, earning power, and other factors in order to get you the full medical coverage and optimum financial settlement you deserve. We have settled over 3,000 cases and have grossed over ½ billion in settlements. We’re smart, ethical and dedicated to getting our clients the best medical care and compensation possible. There are no up-front costs. We get paid only after your case is settled.

Here’s What Our Clients Say

  • Often the public perceives lawyers in a negative way; but I can honestly say that David Himelfarb has the utmost ethical standards of any lawyer that I have dealt with. He took the time to explain the particulars of my case, was always available to take my calls, always returned my calls and his team of Clerks and Assistants were equally as professional and courteous. Should I ever need legal representation, I can assure you that I will retain his firm.

    Adina Williams

  • My no fault benefit claim was handled by the firm and was settled quickly and for a very good amount. The firm is extremely professional and dedicated. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone who has been involved in a serious accident.

    Victoria A. - Toronto, ON

  • I would like to extend a sincere thank you for your assistance regarding the legal issues and my claim for disability benefits. Your knowledge and expertise led to a quick resolution and a successful outcome. From the onset, you were honest with me about my case and yet always kept me in the loop as to what was going on. I appreciated your “up front” approach from our first meeting.

    Mike Elliott

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